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Travel Takeovers

Extra Holidays is focused on driving bookings to fill last-minute inventory at resorts around the world. I developed this program, managed the cross-channel editorial calendar, and directed a team of content creators for on-site captures. The program resulted in a 50% increase in direct bookings from social, over 130% increase in website traffic from social, and is consistently our top performing content.

Where In The World?

Over two years I led the Travel Takeover strategy, sending creators on 13 trips across the United States & US Territories to produce digital channel-optimized assets. 

Content was shot, edited, and posted live to social channels on-location to show first-person traveler's perspective of an Extra Holidays vacation. It was then disseminated across digital channels for long lead marketing in blog, email, and digital advertising.

Let's Break It Down

Travel + Leisure GO Social Branding

Learn more about how I developed a social media strategy that catapulted this brand's newest product from 0 to over 140k followers with engagement rates that rival the Magazine's social channels.

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