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Pivoting During a Pandemic

Give Kids The World Village closed its doors on March 13, 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, halting once-in-a-lifetime wishes for children with critical illnesses. I developed a social media campaign to keep hope alive while children waited for their wishes. To this day, this campaign is one I'm most proud of for its impact during extremely difficult times.

Evolving During Challenges

Overnight social media became one of the only means to reach our stakeholders in a meaningful way where they could also communicate back. #GiveHopeToWishes was a campaign focused on uniting wish families, donors, volunteers, and staff during the early days of the pandemic.


We activated a number of different content types from at-home activity blogs and engagement-focused content, to Facebook Lives. 

I adapted our strategy quickly to meet our stakeholders' needs. I learned how to edit video in Adobe Premier, run a livestream through BeLive, write scripts, and produce a 30-minute show. I worked with the Village's entertainment team as on-air talent to host the parties they would have put on for wish families if we were open.

The Impact

Doubling Down

These Facebook Lives were so popular among our stakeholders that I decided to test into fundraising via Livestream. I planned and produced three fundraisers from May to November of 2020. Our May fundraiser, which was my first test campaign and not a part of planned events for the year, raised $35,000 during a 12-hour stream. 

Travel + Leisure GO Social Branding

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