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Building a Brand

I was appointed to lead the social media strategy for Travel + Leisure's new travel subscription brand, Travel + Leisure GO. Building a brand presence from scratch in 2021 was a unique experience. I'm proud to have successfully grown a community of 150k+ engaged followers in one year!

Finding Our Space

My biggest challenge and ultimate goal was to establish a presence that wouldn't be overshadowed by the giant Travel + Leisure Magazine. First and foremost, I built a strategy to differentiate us as the crossroads where inspiration and wanderlust meet bookable experiences.

GO IG Feed.png

All social media content was bookable through GO, social was focused on providing a resource to our members and prospects. The unique challenge in this: Building social guidelines to stand out while maintaining the brand standards of Travel + Leisure.

Growth Metrics

Standing Out

All content was editorial at heart, ensuring alignment to Travel + Leisure magazine editorial. In building social brand guidelines, I utilized the T+L core principles and built upon them to communicate our actionable content.  

Travel Takeovers

Learn more about the content strategy that transformed the way Extra Holidays drives bookings and keeps social team members engaged.

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